About US

Ristorante Prosciutteria Martinuzzi is in Racchiuso di Attimis, a peaceful hamlet set amongst the hills of Friuli Orientale.

In 1930s nonna Romana married nonno Angelo and they opened a traditional eatery together that soon became known by the people of the area as a place to get together and enjoy themselves.

Over the years their children, and later grandchildren, also became involved (Remo, a true expert in the field of slice meats, Adriana and grandchildren Cristina and Tiziana). The decision was made to develop from the original, simple eatery to become a specialised Prosciutteria (speciality ham shop), until it also became a restaurant early in 2007.

The Restaurant

Adriana, Cristina and Jennifer welcome their guests with graciousness and professionalism and guide them through the choice of dishes that chef Nicco prepares with taste and expertise, and let’s not forget that dash of imagination.